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Syringe Size1 ml - 20 ml single-use syringe
Infusion Rate1 mm/hr - 99 mm/hr
AlarmsBattery depleted, mechanical error, occlusion, syringe disengaged, completion
AlertsBattery low, syringe not loaded, near end
PCA BolusMaximum setting of bolus is 1/4 of the syringe size
OLED DisplaySyringe size; rate is set by mm/hr and displayed in ml./hr simultaneously; alarm messages
“LOW BATT” LED indicatorOn when battery is low or depleted
Dimension166 (L) x 60 (B) x 30 (H) mm
Weight≤ 180g (battery weight not included)
Maximum infusion pressure≤ 0.12MPa(with 10 ml syringe)
Occlusion alarm pressure0.12MPa(with 10 ml syringe)

Desferal Syringe Pump

  • Great for home care or ambulatory treatment with low rate small volume such as:
    Cancer Therapy After Surgery Pain Control
    Thalassemia Immunity Deficiency (Globulin)
    Parkinson (Apokinon) etc. Heparin Therapy
    Neonatal Care

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